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SoundField SPS200 Software Controlled Microphone

SoundField SPS200 Software Controlled Microphone

ST450 MKII SoundField Portable

The updated portable, battery-powered ST450 MKII microphone system is aimed at location recording film and TV sound specialists everywhere, and builds on the success of SoundField’s previous ST250, ST350 and ST450 portable microphone systems.

SoundField DSF-B MKII

SoundField DSF-B MKII Digital Broadcast package

SoundField DSF-2 Microphone System

The DSF-2 microphone system provides simultaneous digital surround and stereo soundscapes at large scale live outside broadcast events such as sports stadiums and concert hall venues. The DSF-2 consists of a DSF-2 microphone and DSF-2 microphone controller.

SoundField DSF-3 Digital Surround Processor

The SoundField DSF-3 digital surround microphone processor decodes the digital SoundField B format signals generated by the DSF-2 systems simultaneously into digital 5.1 surround sound and stereo at any incoming sample rate. When used with the DSF-2 system, it offers a fully digital surround sound production chain.

SoundField DSF-1

SoundField DSF-1 Digital performance microphone system.

SoundField SurroundZone2

SoundField SurroundZone2 brings all the SoundField microphone control capabilities together in a single Post-Production plug-in.

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